Digital Art Gallery

Composition with #F00, #FF0 and #0000B2
Piet Mondrian, 1922
420 x 500 mm/px

Composition A
Piet Mondrian, 1923
902 x 908 mm/px

Composition with #F00, #FF0 and #0000B2
Piet Mondrian, 1942
727 x 692 mm/px

Digital Art Gallery shows paintings, that were translated in HTML Code and are now redisplayed. The current Exhibition is about the Dutch artist and theorist Piet Mondrian (1872 – 1944). Fascinated by Cubism he developed his abstract way of painting. Later, in 1917 he was co–founder of the »De Stijl« movement. Piet Mondrian is one of the most important artists in modern art.

Johannes Rinkenburger
Thanks to Jozef Ondrik and Zdeněk Kvasnica (Studio Deepthroat)!